Myopia is commonly known as "short-sightedness". A person with myopia is able to see close objects clearly but objects that are further away will appear blurred.

When the normal eye looks at an object, light rays from the object enter our eye. These light rays are bent at the cornea and the eye lens before forming an image on the inner layer of the eye called the retina. This image is then transmitted by nerve signals to the brain. The brain interprets these signals so that we see the object.

If the light rays are focused directly on the retina, we see a sharp image. Myopia occurs when the light rays from distant objects are focused in front of the retina instead of on it, resulting in blurred images on the retina. This is usually because the eyeball is too long or sometimes the cornea and lens do not bend the light rays properly.

What are the typical symptoms of myopia ?

Symptoms of myopia usually are first noticed in childhood. Myopic children may hold their books very close to their face or be unable to read the blackboard at school. They may squint and complain of headaches and eyestrain.

What are the causes of Myopia?

The causal factors in the development of myopia are not clearly known. Research studies have shown that both genetic and environmental factors may contribute to myopia. Recent studies have shown that an important environmental factor is near work.

Who is more likely to develop Myopia ?

A child is more likely to develop myopia if he/she has one or both parents who suffer from myopia themselves and is constantly involved in near work such as reading, writing and computer work, for long duration without a break.

What are the treatment options for Myopia ?

The normal treatment for myopia is prescription eyeglasses or contact lenses. For some people, nearsightedness can be corrected through refractive surgery.

Surgical methods to correct myopia are not advisable for children as their eyeballs are still growing and the myopia has not stabilised yet. For adults lasik surgery could be performed.

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