Varasiddi Opticals

Excellent quality optical solutions at reasonable and competitive prices

Shekar Eye Hospital offers onsite shop for corrective, cosmetic and therapeutic eyewear through Varasiddi Opticals. Varasiddi Opticals’ services include:

Near vision glasses/contact lenses

Suitable for those who have only near vision difficulty (i.e., problem in reading). It allows you to see only at a near distance, you might need another pair of spectacle lenses in case you have a prescription for far distance. If you do not have a power for distance then you will still need to remove your spectacles for distance work.

Far vision glasses/contact lenses

These glasses are suitable for people who are unable to see distant objects clearly.

Bifocal glasses

Better than single vision glasses, they allow you to see near and far. Cosmetically, there will be a dividing line in the lens.

Progressive lenses

This is the best option for 40+ age-groups. These spectacle lenses have a special design which gives clear vision distance, near and also intermediate zone. There are no dividing lines to give away your age! So you look and feel younger. Computer users love this because of excellent intermediate vision unlike bifocals.

Progressive lenses and contact lenses require a highly skilled optician to take eye ware measurement and execute the order. Technicians at Varasiddi Opticals are well trained and highly recommended by reputed lens brands.

Major products:

  • Various designs available in progressive lenses and opticians
  • Essilor, Corning, Varilux, Genesis, Rodenstock,Shamir and Nikon glasses with antireflective and antiglare options
  • Johnson & Johnson, Bausch & Lomb, Ciba and Silklens cosmetic, soft, and toric contact lenses for daily wear
  • Select progressive lenses for presbyopia (old-sightedness in 40+ age group)
  • Glasses and contact lenses for astigmatism

We also offer a range of elegant branded frames of all shapes and sizes, sun-glasses, protective glasses, eyewear care solutions, etc.

Benefits offered by Varasiddi Opticals:

  • Computer demonstration to understand 40+ eye wear solutions
  • Experts who help you choose what suits you best
  • Wide choice of Indian and imported frames
  • Quality control by our Doctors.
  • Well known international range of brands for lenses.
  • Prompt and patient friendly post sales services
  • Testing by hand-held/fixed autorefractometer
  • Qualified and trained optometrists
  • More than 10 years of experience in precision opticals
  • Courier facility for order delivery

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