Beautifying eyes for hundreds of patients suffering from squint or strabismus

Squint is the condition when the both eyes point in different directions. Squint could be hereditary, or caused due to severe illness at the time of birth. Poor vision in one eye can stop the brain from using that eye properly, thereby causing horizontal or vertical misalignment. Know more about strabismus.

Squint should be treated at an early age as delay can affect the vision permanently. Some people can experience double vision due to squints. Another condition commonly known as lazy eye or amblyopia is also caused in a squint eye. Know more about amblyopia.

Shekar Eye Hospital’s specialization in treating squint

Shekar Eye Hospital has squint specialists and paediatric ophthalmologists who diagnose the patients thoroughly and prescribe glasses, excercises, patching or surgery. We have conducted hundreds of squint surgeries and amblyopia treatments in Bangalore. It is a same day surgery for vertical and horizontal muscle correction in paediatric and adult patients with strabismus (crossed eye) and amblyopia (lazy eye). The procedure is extremely reliable and gives remarkable results.

There are many treatment options available based on the condition of the eye. Detailed eye examinations using latest international-standard equipment gives our ophthalmologists a complete picture of your eye and eye muscles so that they can prescribe an effective cure.

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