Glaucoma experts offering the best mix of medicines and surgery to treat glaucoma effectively

Do you experience blind spots in your eye, headaches, halos around lights, blurred vision? By getting your eyes examined through specialists you can identify glaucoma early and get it treated before it leads to irreparable optic nerve damage and blindness.

Treating glaucoma before it causes permanent damage

Glaucoma is a disease of the optic nerve – the part of the eye that carries the images we see to the brain. When the optic nerve is damaged, blind spots start appearing, which often go unnoticed, until the nerve is significantly damaged. If left untreated, glaucoma could lead to total blindness.

Glaucoma examination at Shekar Eye Hospital

A complete eye examination is necessary to detect glaucoma. Our glaucoma experts examine the patients’ eyes thoroughly and conduct tonometry to measure the intraocular pressure; gonioscopy to inspect the drainage angle of the eye; ophthalmoscopy to evaluate optic nerve damage; and perimetry to test the visual field. All these tests are done regularly for a patient undergoing treatment to monitor improvement.

Types of glaucoma treated at Shekar Eye Hospital

One of the major causes of glaucoma is increasing pressure on the optic nerve that causes its damage. Chronic open-angle glaucoma is the most common form where the drainage angle of the eye becomes less efficient over time, thereby increasing pressure and causing damage. Closed-angle glaucoma happens when the iris is too close to the drainage angle leading to blockage and increase in eye-pressure. This type of glaucoma should be treated immediately.

Glaucoma treatments at Shekar Eye Hospital

After a thorough examination of your eyes, our glaucoma specialists will prescribe a solution that could be a mix of eye drops, oral medication, and laser surgery. In most cases eye drops can help in significant improvement; while in some cases surgery is required to prevent further damage to the eye.

Shekar Eye Hospital’s expertise in glaucoma treatment

In this vital area of vision management, Shekar Eye Hospital presents several laser-guided, surgical and medical alternatives. Owing to its ace glaucoma team and current-generation tools, the hospital has been able to make early and accurate diagnoses and conduct sensitive monitoring of the progression of this disease, leading to significant achievements in vision loss prevention.

Latest technologies used for glaucoma treatment at Shekar Eye Hospital

  • Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty (SLT) using Lumenis (USA) equipment (first installation of its kind in Karnataka)
  • Surgery with or without antimetabolites for adult, juvenile and congenital glaucoma
  • Computerized visual field testing by Octopus Automated Perimeter, Switzerland.
  • Tonometry using non-contact as well as Goldmann Applanation and Perkins system.
  • Goldmann gonioscopy with digital imaging.
  • YAG laser iridotomy.
  • Ultrasound pachymetry and ultrasound biomicroscopy (UBm)
  • Investigation under anesthesia in infants and children

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