Enabling thousands of patients to see without glasses through LASIK treatment

Are you tired of wearing spectacles all the time? Are glasses affecting your productivity at work? LASIK (Laser in situ keratomileusis) treatment may reduce your dependency on glasses or contact lenses, and in some cases allow you to do without them entirely. If you are over 18 years of age, not pregnant or nursing, and free from other eye diseases, your spectacle power has not changed for the past one year, and you have the refractive error within the correction range for LASIK, then you are an ideal candidate for this treatment.

Eye examination by LASIK experts

The experts at Shekar Eye Hospital will first examine your eyes thoroughly to determine the feasibility of LASIK treatment. Our specialists will measure your prescription and check for all important parameters for the LASIK procedure. This includes checking for eye dryness, pupil size, or other eye diseases. The doctor will guide you about the treatment, the chances of cure, and the potential risks and complications.

LASIK procedure at Shekar Eye Hospital

The LASIK procedure is performed by administering topical anaesthetic drops into the eye after which an instrument called the microkeratome is applied to the eye. This instrument creates a very thin corneal flap and this flap is lifted after which the laser treatment is applied to the cornea to reshape it. After the laser treatment is over, the flap is repositioned and once the flap is repositioned it usually sticks on to its place without the need of any sutures. The patient is comfortable immediately after the treatment. The patient progressively starts seeing much better without glasses and the following day the patient has excellent vision in the treated eye.

Shekar Eye Hospital's expertise in LASIK treatment

LASIK is a premier solution offered by Shekar Eye Hospital for customized correction of refractive errors. Quick and one-off treatment, total comfort and safety and proven performance in providing optimized vision without spectacless or contact lens have all led to universal popularity of this procedure. And numerous patients have been able to see well and look better and thus improve their professional productivity and personal prospects following LASIK treatment at Shekar Eye Hospital. Corneal surgeons with cutting-edge knowledge and micro skills carry out this delicate laser procedure here, with high-end technology aids.

LASIK technologies used at Shekar Eye Hospital:

  • Allegretto Wave Excimer Laser System from WaveLight (Germany)
  • Tomey (TMS 4) Corneal Topographer
  • Oculus Keratograph
  • Ultrasound Pachymeter
  • Allegretto WaveFront Analyzer

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